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Club Rules

When you can use the courts?

Tennis courts can be used at any time other than competition times, coaching sessions and night bookings. Please refer to the calendar on this website for updated competition times and regular bookings.

During coaching sessions, our coach Ray Kent, will reduce the number of courts he is using (from two down to down court) to accommodate members wanting to play.

Night Tennis Bookings

Some members hold permanent night time bookings under lights. A pre-requisite for a night time booking is that the booking is used 95% of the year as this booking does exclude other members from playing on the courts at this time. If a booking cannot be fulfilled on this basis, then it is up to the contact person to inform the club and remove the booking.

Rules when three or more groups are wanting to play tennis

Competition takes precedence over those wishing to have a social hit. If a number of members arrive to play tennis at the same time then an agreement needs to be reached as to whether the first group play for a limited time or else the groups join together for a doubles match.

If two groups are already playing and a third arrives it is best practice to inform the new group as to how much longer you are likely to be.

If two groups are already having a social hit and the middle singles court is free then both groups would need to approve the use of the middle court as space between the courts is at a premium.

Conversation and flexibility between members is the best remedy here to ensure everyone gets a fair go.


Charges for using the lights are $14 per hour and $2 coins are to be inserted into the coin box inside the cupboard in the clubrooms to start the lights. A minimum of $14 is required before the lights turn on. If you wish to play longer than I hour, insert more $2 coins when the red warning light (situated at the front of the clubrooms) comes on. Lights will automatically cut out at 10:30pm to cater for our residential neighbours. We must adhere to this finishing time or we run the risk of losing our permit.

Please phone Peter Corrigan on 9578 5179 or 0414 379898 regarding night tennis bookings.


Visitors of financial members are allowed to play tennis whilst the member is present. A fee of $5.00 is to be deposited into the honesty box inside the cupboard in the clubrooms when non-members are playing. If a non-member has played more than 5 times then they should become a member.

Please remember that this is your responsibility as a member to ensure that your non-financial friends do contribute to this box.

Use of the clubrooms and courts

As a member you gain access to the clubroom and courts. The clubroom is to be treated as your home and we would appreciate it being cleaned up after use.

This means that all cups are to be washed up and put away, tables to be cleared and cleaned, all recyclable rubbish to be placed in the recycle bin outside and all other rubbish placed into the other garbage bin outside.

The club employs a cleaner to do a weekly clean of toilets and floors etc but they are not to be spending time cleaning up after individuals.

Only water is to be consumed on the playing surface and under no circumstances are food and alcohol allowed in the court area.


Competition tennis played at our clubs is on:

  • Thursday AM (Mid-week women's)
  • Saturday PM (Mixed)
  • Sun AM (Juniors)

We do hold tennis "social" evenings or afternoons and these are on an ad hoc basis. They can be in the format of an adults social competition or a kids round robin. An email will be sent around to members advertising these tennis socials.

Hiring of the courts and facilities

The courts and facilities are available for hire by any of the members for functions for a small donation. Please contact Rowena Doyle on 9563 9553 or 0419 352 466 to check on the availability on specific days. An email will be sent to all members informing them of the private function being held and the date that the courts would be unavailable.